An artistic production, that of Maria Cristina Martini, out of the ‘darkness’ of the two-dimensionality of a white canvas and of the simple decorative or sculptural three-dimensionality, with the ambition to fit in the infinite history of shapes and colours, but all aimed at a personal symbolic research of that new and perfect form that every artistic expression imposes and every artist wants.
It is a brilliant and balanced game where design and colour engrave the ‘canvas’ of the material, seeking the persistent amazement of the public and the liberating imagination of the artist.


Tre Artist Maria Cristina Martini

…the chromatic values are intensified in the bewitching decorativism with an ancient taste wisely expressed by the porcelain of the artist Maria Cristina Martini, symbolizing the four continents and their respective cultural assonances…

…imagination and curiosity animate the life and expressive research of the polyhedric roman artist who stands out for an eclectic and varied style. The versatility of her activity can also be glimpsed in the decoration of the dishes, which requires long and accurate executive procedures and whose formal sinuosity is almost always marked by golden preciousness with a remarkable visual effect…


…the works of this artist capture for knowledge and technical innovation. The artist paints on porcelain, being able to create images of absolute elegance…


…a completely different atmosphere in Martini, a breath of poetry as a golden perspective advances in a counterpoint without horizons, only dawns in the blue of a night on the other side of the sky…


All that glitters is gold!

The personal interpretation of the Scandinavian technique by a skilled Italian artist: the lusters, the glasses and the abundant use of gold embellish her works instead of weighing them down (as instead happens, unfortunately, when use of such materials is exaggerated!).